8 Hurdles to Living a Happy Life

June 29, 2013 | By  | 2 Replies
 Lina Ryann, Contributor

Waking Times

Happiness is the dream and desire of every individual. It’s a feeling when you’ve some goal in life. It is all about doing something useful that gives you satisfaction. Below are some tips on how to lead a happy life.

1. Do not let hatred ruin your heart

Hatred is the most common factor that can make you frustrated very easily. Many factors are responsible for a person to develop hatred against some individual or something. Whatever the reason, hatred fills your mind with negative thoughts and emotions. When you dislike a person you show a strange behavior. Once you develop such a behavior, it’s difficult for you to come out of it when you realize that it is wrong. Moreover, hatred makes the person strong and ready to fight with the other person. Once you give up in the fight, you get frustrated and may develop mental imbalance. Life of the person who develops hatred will become difficult. So if you want to be happy and peaceful, do not let hatred ruin your heart.

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