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 Orgulloso,  I am so very proud………………

Yesterday : On the fifth floor of the “Intendencia”, in Maldonado, Uruguay, two teenage rappers, a host of schoolchildren and adults of all ages swayed to the Depende de Todos song, whilst watching my video (non lip sinked!) on a big screen.

They were cheered on by an eclectic group Including youngsters, business people, ambassadors, ornithologists, local town councillors and environmental preservationists. The press was in attendance for the big event.

It was the finale of the ‘launching of the Ecopark’  presentation. The goal of the Wetland Warriors to save and preserve the area has been achieved.

Last night : I received multitude of emails from my beloved fellow ‘warriors’, each giving me their perspective of the event, all reported that at the end There wasn’t a dry eye in the auditorium’

‘The seeds that you sow that’s what will grow”. At the time, on those Saturday mornings In Das Brot, whilst fiddling about with my ‘props’ (spiral ringbinders, coloured pens and some bits of fabric), I never suspected that within a year we would make a song, unite the non harmonic local organisations, enable the British Consultancy to help and propel the movement to establish an Ecopark!

It was meant to be fun, with a theme.  A video of the local wetland area. It was, initially, just another way for me to have footage of film to edit. This being my new passion, having discovered the joys of imovie doing  greenpagespunta ‘shorts’.

There followed several months of excitement filled activity.‘ In situ’ in the wetlands, in the recording studio and around all university, government offices and local businesses we went.

All of this I happily recorded, edited and posted. During this time many friends and contacts were made, lines of communication established. Participants were feeling super empowered by taking part. Each rising to the challenges splendidly.

Now : I am currently Europe and was unable to be there for this momentous moment. Apparently they roped in a dreadlocked cameraman (for free like me), who can edit. The warriors organised themselves (using techniques we had been practising together).  The public were impressed, they sighed, they swayed to the music and they cried with joy.

Do I wish I could have been there? Of course! However, it seems, my latest action for the project was not to film or organise.

My latest contribution was to have everyone show the world they can do it for themselves.  And they did, brilliantly!

I remain a faithful and devoted warrior.                                                                                                                                                                 Viva Defensores, Viva!