Valentines Day 2013

Well, I am now officially in my mid fourties! What an interesting journey it has been so far…………

From a childhood in the Black Forest, living with my grandmother and travelling as an unaccompanied minor to London to visit my absentee mother. Then schooling in Sussex and a Daddy of my own (my mum doing her best to give me an ethical consumer, vegetarian family life and doing it brilliantly), my first trip to Australia before I was 20, followed by some pretty wild times ‘doing’ the underground music scene in London and wintering in Thailand every year! The party lifestyle, funded by my aerobic teaching all over the world, continuing in the beautiful Berlin – at that time, just after the wall came down, reminiscent of a futuristic version of ‘Cabaret’. If you ever see the film “Sonnenallee”, my guides at that time were the modern version of those boys.

Until, I met the man who has remained by my side (or rather with whom I have grown, lived and enjoyed Germany, Italy, Uruguay and now Ibiza) for the last decade and a half. Ironically being with a musician has appeared to divert me from the need to go out and shake my booty?! As with most things, keeping a good relationship takes practise and compromise, respect and much love and appreciation. It is with pleasure I reflect on how deep my relationship has grown and thank the magnificent man who loves me so.

It was in Uruguay, in my early fourties, that I think I really came into my own, with the establishment of the Wetland Warriors and my video collection. There I had the opportunity to use all my amassed knowledge, from childhood anti vivisection marches to business practices I have picked up from having an ‘imbiss’/café, from meditating and people management, motivation and methods, to listening to my ‘other half’ doing conference calls with 5 star hotel chains. All in order to help establish something really , really worthwhile. The people it gave me the opportunity to meet rank amongst those I look up to most. The pleasure it gives me to see how the project is taking shape is immeasurable.

All my life I have been blessed (even if I knew it at the time or not) by having the perfect opportunity land in my lap and utilising that in order to evolve and grow.

Unbeknown to me until I acknowledged it, I have been showered in abundance at every step of the way. My appreciation of my life has grown immensely over the last 5 years and I am so very, very thankful.

Something I strive to do all the time these days, is to be grateful. So for my birthday I am going to try…………..

(this inspiration is from the lovely Purpose Fairy)