bag o talesI am a Kipling bag, once white, now muted grey after 20 years service to my mistress/owner (a kooky little brunette with whom I’ve traversed the World).

She is currently busy preparing for her first visit to the UK over the festive season for many years. Usually she prefers a beach and bikini for Christmas Day. However, I think she is looking forward to it as the German “Weinachtskuchen” are being packed and at least the journey is only two hours as opposed to those long hauls from South America!

Anyway, that is not what I wished to mention. Now, you may wonder that a humble bag can have an opinion, their purpose being decorative, a status symbol or useful depending on owner and the occasion. Well, I have and would like to share it with you over the coming months.

Over my years of service travelling the Globe, I have seen a thing or two. I’ll have you know i once spent the night in a dangerous Ghetto on the outskirts of Sydney after a very wild night in Kings Cross, many are the times I have been plonked upon a wooden floor with others whilst the humans jumped, ran, stretched and ommm’ed their way through physical exercise. Why, I’ve travelled economy, although these days we are business only. I’ve spent the night next to the loudspeakers in squat raves in London and been lost and found on the riverbank at the infamous Bar 25 in Berlin. I’ve spent the night in hostels and five star hotels. you may say, I’ve been around a bit!

If only that bag could talk, it could tell us a thing or two…………to be continued