For six years we have had our Chi Machine, many a dinner guest has been laid upon the floor, with their spine undulating before a wonderful veggie supper…..

The Benefits of a Sun Ancon Chi Machine ®:  No matter what a person is challenged with health wise, the oxygenating Chi Machine makes a difference.  No chance of injury, no drugs and no toxic side effects. Relax your nerves, muscles, mind and emotions: Enjoy emotional calm, relaxation, mental clarity and focus. Enable release from stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Wake up with less severe aches, soreness or stiffness: Receive a full body internal massage everyday. Alleviate back pain, tension in your neck and shoulders. Align your spine.  Oxygenate your entire body at cellular level. Stimulate and improve your blood circulation and blood pressure. Strengthen your immune system. Regain failing energy and stamina.  15 minutes on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine is equivalent to a 90 minute brisk walk.   Detox your body via stimulation of the Lymphatic Sytem: Enable release of drugs, chemicals and toxicity from your cells. Regulate, stimulate, improve internal organ functions. Enable quality lymph drainage – alleviate lymphedema.   15 minutes on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine is equivalent to 1 hour of manual lymphatic drainage as clinically proven.  Work-Out: Enjoy a no-sweat, energizing, effortless ‘work-out’ via passive aerobic exercisewithin the comfort of home or at the office during lunch. Increase metabolism, thereby improving nutrient absorption.  SAFE and STEADY weight loss if used on a CONSISTENT DAILY basis. Muscles are NOT enhanced but metabolism is increased and cells are oxygenated. Enhanced athletic performance – more limber, mentally focused – lactic acid is dispersed.Image