A few days ago I had a conversation with a lovely waitress at my new ‘local’. Because the café was having a quiet moment we managed to converse in English and Spanish for a quarter of an hour, sharing info about one another and our ‘vibe’ on life.

It resonated with me when she recalled being told by a teacher she held in high regard that she would never learn anything. This stayed with her well into adulthood. Yet, one day she realised that the only one putting restrictions on her could be her. So, she let go of the thought and went on to get a degree!

Over the years I, too, have shed the shackles of ingrained ‘falsisms’ . It has taken ages, but these days I truly know that all the experiences were sent my way so that I may learn and grow.

Since my mid twenties I have been writing affirmations, meditating and all the other bits. Those brave enough to be my friends in my terrible teens, angry twenties and mad thirties can attest, it has taken years to sink in!

It really is well worth persevering, whatever stage you are at.

Found this link this am………………………………….

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

Have fun.