Gaining weight made me fit……..

It is true, not only that, but it also enabled me to travel the world. As well as giving me a lifelong love of feeling well in my body and financial reward!

In my late teens I followed a married (unbeknown to me at the time!!!) man to the other side of the world. Upon discovering that I had been had (literally), I proceeded to drown my sorrow in Fosters and stuff my self with cake.

When I left the UK I looked like one of Dexy’s Midnight Runners in my dungarees (it was a few years ago!), when I returned I couldn’t do them up and the legs fitted like ‘skinny’ jeans.

I was so shocked at people not even recognising me that I enrolled in fitness classes at the local swimming pool. Forcing myself at the beginning but with growing enthusiasm I carried on. Eventually I was ‘mentored’ by my instructor through the RSA Exercise to Music Course (I said it was a while ago!). I have loved the teaching, the travel, the money and the experiences.

So I would like to say thank you, I am so very grateful!