So, here I am. Happily settled in our new abode – a cute finca on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Having left South America, after an interesting 3 years, it is time to ‘flow with the river ’ and move forward in this magnificent experience that is life.

This involves letting go of the need to still be ‘in charge’ of the seeds, now saplings (soon to grow into the Wetland Ecoparke), that were planted in Maldonado, Uruguay and start afresh with new challenges. Ditching the projects completely was not the intent  and I am currently still acting as the  Wetland Warrior Trusts facebook administrator and Wetland Ambassadora, thus gently letting go of the reins!

New Pastures – Ibiza has always been a healing place and it is oozing in yummy holistic treats. Why, I’ve only been here 10 days yet, I have already visited the  Ibiza healing Day, which raised 20 thousand Euro for charity! On my way to the Bio Fair this weekend. I picked up two teenage hitchhikers, both happy lifelong vegetarians. This is my kind of place!


Besos, S